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5 thoughts on “Review of coinbase- buy-sell-exchange of bitcoins

  1. […] i recommend you read the review of Coinbase, which is a safe place to keep yours […]

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  3. […] this article. Fourth set up your own Bitcoin wallet, i personally prefer Coinbase and have made a review of Coinbase where you get easy access to set up your own […]

  4. Dallin

    BitCoin has always fascinated me, but I’ve never gathered up the courage to delve into it myself. It looks like CoinBase could be a pretty good start as a place to do it though! Thanks for the review!

    1. Roy

      Yes, my experience with coinbase, when i bought some bitcoin was very good, the purchase process went smooth and fast. So i highly recommend Coinbase as a good place to start getting yor bitcoin today. I believe somthing great is going to happen with bitcoin in near future, so i would not wait to long to start buying some, when value is still quite low, compared to what is expected after the Reward Halving. Let me know if i can help you in any way. You can reach either here, e-mail or at my contact page in Wealthy Affiliate

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